Untamable Venezuela

Untamable Venezuela
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18 August 2017
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The United States has launched a brutal unconventional war against revolutionary and progressive governments, as well as popular movements of our Latin America.

Old in the Pentagon’s military doctrine and also well-known as fourth-generation war, it has grown with recent experiences like the color revolutions and the Arab Spring. The main target of the attack is the Bolivarian Venezuela, against which the empire and rulers of the region that serve it, unleashed their fury and frustration.

After an offensive that has lasted months to overthrow the government of President Nicolás Maduro, Trump declared that he is not ruling out “the military option” in Venezuela, amid boasts against North Korea and of having created a serious conflict in the area. Thanks to the millionaire’s militarist outburst, the governments that have joined him in the anti-Venezuelan adventure have been forced to reject a military way out and repeat it during the tour of vice-president Mike Pence in the region. Aimed at strengthening the grip against Venezuela, Pence has had to spend some time to damage control after the alarm raised by his boss's statement. Although with a three-day delay, even counterrevolutionaries of the MUD foresaw a laughable condemnation.

Maduro, knowing the U.S. prepotency, replied firmly and with a huge rally for peace and the measure of carrying out a civic-military exercise armed in all areas of integral defense on July 26 and 27. Venezuela has hundreds of thousands voluntary militiamen, besides the well-trained and armed regular army.

Chavism has defeated in two decades, one after another all attempts of ending Chavez transforming experience, national and social freedom. They have tried to stop the Latin-Caribbean integration he promoted. Peace and observance of the sharing democracy is fundamental part of his philosophy. Votes Yes, Bullets No, his watchword.

The most recent destabilizing effort of the far–right wing is bent on operation Venezuela Freedom 2 of the South Command of North American troops. After four months of Fascist violence, of setting 29 people on fire, resulting in nine dead; of the obsessive burn of hospitals and nurseries, food and medicine warehouses, public furniture, government offices and hundreds of private business, the right wing has suffered a great defeat with the elections to the Constituent National Assembly and the laws it establishes. After achieving more than 8 million votes Chavism was very near of reaching its highest historical voting and the opposition was demoralized.

To the extent that, without solution of continuity, they turned to the Fascist violence and of affirming they would remain in the streets until Maduro steps down, to register 196 candidates in a heartbeat for the regional elections.

The right wing is antidemocrat by nature, but in its strategy it appeals mainly to the coup d’état without abandoning the electoral path. If they lose in the voting, they scream fraud; but if they win, they become arrogant and try by any means necessary to impose its subordinate neoliberal agenda to Washington and the international capital.

In a somersault, now swirls to the elections, because the Chavism won the streets on July, where they no longer can gather a crowd, as it was seen in the famous "taking of Venezuela" or the "Zero hour" that it was supposed to overthrow the Chavista government on July 30. Nevertheless, David operation, shattered by the army and the Bolivarian security services, demonstrates that there can be new desperate lashes of violence.

No matter how much the United States and neoliberal forces together with those against their homeland insist at an international level, in support to counterrevolution. Regardless how the corporations of the media mafia keep pouring the most scandalous and craziest lies on the Bolivarian revolution. Regardless the financial capital and the far-right wing continue the cruel economic war. None of that would destroy the support of the Venezuelan people to their constitutional government. And that is what’s final. Besides Venezuela, is not alone, as it shows the recent visit to Cuba of President Maduro and the growing expressions of solidarity they receive from independent peoples and governments.

Amilkal Labañino Valdés / Cubasi Translation Staff

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