U.S.: Explosive FBI Case, Apparent Complication

U.S.: Explosive FBI Case, Apparent Complication
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9 June 2017
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This occurs when the Senate Intelligence Committee reviews the unexpected change at the FBI headquarters.  

That is, the motives that led to the surprising substitution of the FBI head, James Comey.

At the heart of the aforementioned commission, notified the AFP, Comey, assured that Trump decided to "slander him and lied."  

According to the same source, at meeting had to be approached the dialogues Comey-Trump related to the supposed role of Russia in 2016 elections.

AFP agency added that, because of the "explosive" character of Comey’s words, the audience is anticipated with tense expectation by the entire country.  

In that context they informed that the former head of the FBI would address the senators in a secret meeting this Thursday.

Before he said, “Trump’s government chose to slander me and more serious, the FBI using "lies, plain and simple", when saying he amidst turmoil.

Once again he went around the more compromising terms, but he said:

“I don't think I should say whether the talks I had with the president were obstruction of justice. It was a very disturbing, confusing thing."

Comey highlighted a true striking detail, which he redacted a memo of his dialogue with Trump in January, because "I honestly feared he could lie."

“I was honestly concerned for the fact that he could lie about the nature of our meeting", he said.

"I knew the day would come when I would need a record of what happened, not just to defend myself, but to defend the FBI". The AFP cable also says that Trump "sought to obtain something in return for granting my request of continuing in the position."

Several times, according to the testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Trump insinuated him that he was eager to work with him.

“I don't know why I was fired", he said when asked about it.

"Perhaps for the way I was conducting the Russian investigation (on the alleged interference of Russia in 2016 elections).

Comey also alleged to senators that he "interpreted as an order" the president's observation regarding that he expected the termination of the investigation about the former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

The latter, as it’s known, also related with no demonstrated Russian "case".

Once again came into play the hairy issue of the current investigation, obstruction of justice.  


James Risch the republican senator was in charge who asked if Comey knew of anyone who had been charged with such serious misdoing.  

Comey said no, at least for the time being.  

But he wanted the existence of tapes that support his exchanges with the president, something that might have happened and can’t be discarded.

“I have seen those twits. My God, I hope there are tapes", exclaimed Comey.

As it unfolds so far, the crisis surrounding Trump’s Administration looks more and more like a volcano about to make eruption anytime now.

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