French President Advocates the End of US Blockade against Cuba

French President Advocates the End of US Blockade against Cuba
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19 October 2016
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French President Francois Hollande advocated the end of the US blockade against Cuba in statements released today by the Elysee Palace.

Hollande considered that this policy makes no sense nowadays.

In a speech pronounced for the 70th anniversary of the House of Latin America in Paris, the leader expressed the rejection to the economic, commercial and financial siege 'that causes suffering to the Cuban people'.

On this anniversary we celebrate, he said, ´we advocate that punishment to the Cuban people is finally lifted.'

On the other hand, the head of state praised the work done for seven decades by the House of Latin America, as an important component of relations between that continent and France.

France has learned much from Latin America on issues such as the search for unity amid diversity, he said.

He also highlighted as a shared ideal the pursuit of peace, and on this sense, he ratified the support for the process in Colombia that seeks to end an armed conflict that has lasted over 50 years.

On the other hand, he sent a message of solidarity to Haiti, recently hit by Hurricane Matthew, and reaffirmed the willingness of France to support that country in the recovery process.

Founded in 1946, the House of Latin America in Paris is considered of great importance for diplomacy.

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