Obama, the actor

Obama, the actor
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24 March 2016
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No need to be an expert to understand that Obama’s performance in two sketches with actors of the Cuban comedy TV show Vivir del Cuento is a clear example of a public relation strategy addressed to make a good impression on Cuban people.

It is true it was funny to see the president who labeled himself — at the Havana’s Grand Theater — as the man with the most important job on the face of earth saying “que bola” and “esto no es facil”.

To others, nonetheless, it was only a bad joke that the President chose the comedy TV show Vivir del Cuento to launch his marketing strategy. It is offensive that the President of the country that have blocked ours for more than half a century can make fun with actors who spend their lives making fun of the needs of Cuban people. They make fun of the ration card, the almendrones (old cars mainly from the 1950s), the Soviet mosckovich, and the spring mattress —all of them are consequence of the U.S. blockade—, using threatening and sharp comments. Now, Obama seems to only remove the blockade to the private sector.

Many people are wondering why Panfilo did not ask Obama about the blockade in his telephone conversation. It is rumored that the President’s advisers banned a piece of script where the issue was subtly tackled in the video of the domino’s game.

It is crystal-clear this is a comedy TV show and not “University for All” where Obama will make his life miserable by trying to explain how he could have good relations with a country where an American naval base and a concentration camp are settled. Or why the Congress he represents cannot close the Guantanamo Bay prison or lift the genocide blockade against Cuba.

To me, the best of Obama’s visit to Cuba was precisely his performances with the actors of Vivir del Cuento because Obama is better suited for actor rather than for President.

It is probable he did not even know what “que bola” means. And I am pretty sure he did not have the slightest idea of how domino is played. Obama simply followed the line suggested by his advisers. Perhaps the events defining the destiny of mankind suffer the same fate.

Those having the possibility of being close to Obama realized that the U.S. president was constantly posing for the photographic and TV cameras surrounding him. All of his facial expressions and smiles seemed to be well-rehearsed.

Obama, as an actor, surpasses Ronald Reagan, the only Hollywood actor who became president. Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman must feel proud of Obama having picked politics as his career.

Cubasi Translation Staff

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