USA: When There’s no Make-up

USA: When There’s no Make-up
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12 May 2015
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Now more than ever hard facts shatter mounted tales built for years regarding the Paradise of the United States.

The strange death of a prisoner while in his cell in Florida has been informed.

Prison spokesmen said without further details that it was due to “a heart attack.”

Yet analysts remember dark prior records that shed doubt of the cause used.

MiamiDiario website entitled today its column with the following title: Inmate found dead in his jail cell in Florida.

Then it explains how nurses practiced CPR on him as he was taken to the hospital where he died.

Afterwards empty and common words were added like: “authorities keep investigating the case.”

The prisoner, said MiamiDiario, had been incarcerated for a minor crime of aggression.

While, outside the walls of that penitentiary violence spreads wild, and three examples support this.

This Monday there was a shooting in Cleveland, Ohio that took the life of a man and injured four people.

According to The Associated Press the man was 47 years old and his name was Michael Matthews, the victim was shot in the head and died.

Among the wounded there was a four-month pregnant woman who was shot in the chest and was reported "critical".

Another man, 24 years old, with a shot in the neck, was also in critical condition, while a woman of 53 received the impact in an arm.

To soften this picture authorities keep using the controversial death penalty.

A cable from Spanish news agency EFE reported this Monday that the state of Texas programs three executions in the coming months.


The victims will be Derrick Charles, on May 12, Lester Coger, June 3, and Gregory Russeau, on June 18.

But the executions publicized for coming weeks in states like Alabama, Ohio, Tennessee or Missouri have been "postponed."

There has been great influence because of the scandals in the use of lethal injections that caused excruciating pain to prisoners.

Remarkable can describe what happened last April 29 in Oklahoma, when a criminal took 43 minutes in dying and not the established 15 minutes.

This is an unfinished story to which in the United States without make-up still await a lot of blood and tears.

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