Trump Reiterates Allegations about U.S. Election Fraud

Trump Reiterates Allegations about U.S. Election Fraud
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6 February 2017
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The United States President Donald Trump maintains today his claim that millions of people voted illegally in the November 8 election when he beat Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton.

You see the undocumented people, the people who are not citizens and are in the registers, you take a look at the registrations and there are even dead people registered. It is really a bad situation, stated the president during an interview that will be broadcast tonight on Fox News.

Although Trump won the election due to the votes of the Electoral College, the Republican received fewer popular votes than Clinton, a fact that he attributed precisely to millions of illegal ballots.

In the excerpts of the interview published today, TV presenter Bill O'Reilly told the president that he needs data to support his statement, because so far the White House has not released figures on the matter.

Trump threatened last month to launch a major investigation into the alleged fraud in order to strengthen voting procedures, but no details were provided later on.

Media reports indicated that the head of State was to sign an executive order to carry out the inquiry, but the signing was abruptly canceled and was never rescheduled.

A senior administration official told CNN that the investigation is no longer a priority for the president, and although he insisted that it was not off the table, he said it was not expected in a short term.

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