Cuba-US: Will Trump Brake the "thawing" with Cuba?

Cuba-US: Will Trump Brake the "thawing" with Cuba?
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20 January 2017
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Since Donald Trump's victory in last November elections many questions surfaced in that and other fields.

A journalist from EFE, commented this Thursday that since the reestablishment Cuban-American diplomatic ties, “remarkable breakthrough have been achieved”.

All these before the magnate Donald Trump assume the U.S. presidency.

Extreme right-wing spokesmen of Cuban origin based in Miami have attempted sabotage the assignment of funds for the eventual opening of an embassy of Washington in Havana.

They have also made public that they will hinder the appointing of the new ambassador.

But, the EFE journalist wonders to what extent it interests to revert the diplomatic thaw with Cuba?

In hardly 24 months, 18 bilateral agreements have been signed, three signed only 48 hours prior the taking possession of Trump.

She highlights "the urgency with which both countries have closed agreements since the multimillionaire's win in November."

She assesses more the fact when Trump has favored to revert the approach if Cuba doesn't negotiate a better agreement and agrees makes concessions in human rights.

Passed those threats, specialists consulted by EFE indicate something really striking: the evolution of the "thaw" is not opposed so far with the new president's ideas.

Equivalent to say more clearly?

The answer was given by the president of the Academy of Latin American Studies from Harvard University, Jorge Domínguez.

"The true benefits of Obama’s measures are high and good for the United States", he said to EFE.

He was even stronger when he added:

Our understandings for the preservation of endangered species, oil spills, health and research, or signed agreements to fight drug traffic, are suitable for both countries, "without any political cost."

Domínguez also said that the agreement signed in August on civil aviation allows to renew direct commercial flights between both parts, which were stopped since 1963.

Thus far, the main beneficiaries with this a step were the North American airlines.

According to Domínguez, Trump’s known relationships with the managerial sector slip a large stone before those who seek to make void the aforementioned transaction.

Hence the following question arises:

On a scene as the one exposed do the sectors from Washington and Miami have the door wide open to impose their intentions against Cuba?

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