XIV International Congress on Higher Education concludes in Cuba

XIV International Congress on Higher Education concludes in Cuba
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9 February 2024
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The XIV International Congress on Higher Education University 2024 reaches its last day today, after four days of intense debates focused on how to stimulate a more relevant, quality and socially committed education.

According to the event's agenda, the event will end with a keynote lecture by Deputy Prime Minister Jorge Luis Perdomo.

In the opinion of Cuban Minister Walter Baluja, Universidad 2024 is already a milestone for Cuban higher education, "providing a platform for the exchange of knowledge, international collaboration and the strengthening of educational quality".

The island's Minister of Higher Education considered the conclave as a propitious space for holding bilateral exchanges and advancing in the relaunching of international links in Cuban higher education, affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

He underscored that during these working days, a broad program of activities was carried out, which made it possible to learn about the avatars of university education at a global level.

In this regard, he highlighted the holding of a Forum of Ministers and Authorities of Higher Education within the framework of the Congress, as well as the holding of the last preparatory meeting of the Regional Council of Higher Education, which will take place in March 2024 in Brazil.

He stressed that Cuban higher education will be further strengthened after the conclave, which reaffirmed the island's commitment to improving the quality of education, strengthening research and development, as well as promoting education committed to the transformation of society.

With an attendance of more than 2,100 delegates, both virtual and in person, Universidad 2024 demonstrated its ability to bring together experts and professionals from various disciplines, Baluja noted.

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