WHO Reported Over 35 000 Cases of Monkeypox Worldwide

WHO Reported Over 35 000 Cases of Monkeypox Worldwide
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18 August 2022
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The WHO Director-General announced that there are more than 35 000 cases of monkeypox reported across the globe.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General, confirmed Wednesday during a press briefing that more than 35 000 cases of monkeypox have been reported to date in 92 countries, with 12 deaths.

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Almost 7500 cases were reported during last week, which represents 20 percent over the previous week, Ghebreyesus said. He recalled that the main objective of all countries must be to ensure that they are prepared to deal with the virus and stop its spread.

He explained that this could only be achieved by "using effective tools, such as improved disease surveillance, careful contact tracing, tailored risk communication, and community engagement, as well as risk reduction measures."

The WHO chief also highlighted that vaccines could play an essential role in controlling the monkeypox outbreak. However, he clarified that, at the moment, "vaccine supplies, and data on their efficacy, are limited."

Since early May 2022, cases of monkeypox have been reported from countries where the disease is not endemic and continue to be registered in several endemic countries.

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