Viengsay Valdés sends a message to dance artists

Viengsay Valdés sends a message to dance artists
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24 April 2020
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The National Ballet of Cuba was going to present these days a great season of one of the most popular classics of universal dance: Coppelia, in the version of Alicia Alonso. But the health emergency thwarted the project. However, the television program The Eternal Dance broadcast this weekend a representation of this work, starring the first dancers Viengsay Valdés and Osiel Gounod.

The also director of the company sent a message to her colleagues, and to all the dance artists, in which she encourages them to continue exercising at home, so that they can be ready when the emergency passes.

"Just a few days after our Coppelia season started, and in the midst of a busy work," writes Viengsay, "we were forced to take a necessary break. This break ensures our protection and makes us accountable to society.

"Dance as art motivates the masses, motivates an audience eager to appreciate beauty, synchronization and virtuosity. Our professional dancers, despite the emotional shock of stopping their daily training and seeing their upcoming projections on stage, still feel the importance to keep exercising.

"The dancer as an athlete has a heart that strives every day, whether as an organ or as a vocation; so there is no corner of the home that resists a suitable space for practice.

"Esperanza breathes in the environment.

"Desires to return to normality and have closer contact with others represent an ideal vision, but even more, the hope that there will be no trace of this global pandemic.

"In these moments, the social conscience is what determines us, we all depend on it, that is why it is so important to demand of those who make mistakes, who continue to omit the indications, who unfortunately play to be irresponsible and fail to see beyond of your present.

"Some people get depressed because a hectic life suddenly freezes in time. What to do at home then? Educate yourself!

"Normally in our daily lives we don't get to spend enough time learning something. Today is a good time.

"Exercise our minds, read a book, watch a history documentary, a movie, listen to good universal music ... Also play with the children, tidy up the house, repair breakdowns ... In one day is it reached? No !

"There are ways to keep us busy, not to leave our minds idle, to motivate ourselves.

"Of course, uncertainty is inevitable. The expectation of when it's over, too. However, time does not stand still, and even if this takes time, it will pass.

"We cannot give performances in the living room of the house as other artists do. We dancers do not have the floor, the space, the height, the magic of transforming ourselves. But we can move, grease joints, strengthen muscles, sharpen wills.

"Grow with each hour that we dedicate to our body, from proper nutrition to physical maintenance. Just waiting for the longed for moment. The moment to be free, unwrap your wings, go out into fresh air, breathe around. Then there we will be prepared —the dancer finishes.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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