Venezuelan president strongly rejects Washington's hegemony during UN address

Venezuelan president strongly rejects Washington's hegemony during UN address
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23 September 2020
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Venezuelan president address 75th UN General Assembly. Photo: teleSUR

Venezuela has called on the international community to put up a united front and fight the United States’ hegemony and its blockade against nations at a time of global crises, including the coronavirus pandemic.

In a pre-recorded speech to the UN General Assembly, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro emphasized the need to be united in the face of the deadly pandemic and called for the world to counter hegemony and “imperialist ideas.”

“Venezuela supports a multipolar world, a renewed UN system, a system that knows how to enforce international law and protect the people of the world,” Maduro said, denouncing attacks by the US on the World Health Organization (WHO), without explicitly naming the country.

“This is not the time to insult, to threaten the WHO, it is now the time to unite in its favor,” Maduro said.  “The world defeated fascism 75 years ago and the world will also win against those who seek hegemony, against imperialist ideas, and it will be able to defeat neo-fascism.”

U.S. President Donald Trump has accused the WHO of siding with China over the alleged delaying of an inquiry into the origin of the coronavirus outbreak.  Trump and members of his administration have claimed the new coronavirus originated in a lab in China, an allegation rejected by the WHO and other experts, in addition to China itself.


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