Venezuela, Turkiye to Increase Trade to 3 Billion USD

Venezuela, Turkiye to Increase Trade to 3 Billion USD
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1 March 2024
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Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Yvan Gil said that the trade exchange between the two countries reached over 800 million dollars in 2023, and will be increased to 3 billion dollars this year under the instruction of the presidents of the two countries.

"Trade cooperation between Turkiye and Venezuela is growing, and the exchange and import and export of products between the two countries are becoming increasingly important," Gil said.

Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan said that "Venezuela plays a very important role in Tyrkiye's plans" in the Latin American region and that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will visit Caracas this year.

Fidan also said Turkish energy companies are interested in participating in exchanges with Venezuela.

"In the coming period, we will advance in these matters," he said.

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