Venezuela says no deal with opposition until sanctions are lifted

Venezuela says no deal with opposition until sanctions are lifted
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10 March 2023
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The Venezuelan government will not sign any agreement with the opposition of the Unitary Platform until the unilateral coercive measures are lifted, said the president of the National Assembly, Jorge Rodriguez.

"Venezuela is not going to sign any agreement with that sector of the Venezuelan opposition until it is 100% free of sanctions. Until the 765 unilateral coercive measures signed by Donald Trump and Barack Hussein Obama are lifted," said the deputy.

On the occasion of the Bolivarian Anti-Imperialism Day, Rodríguez referred to the agreement signed last year to recover more than 3 billion dollars of the Venezuelan State that are frozen abroad.  The so-called Unitary Platform has not complied with the agreement, denounced the official. 

Rodríguez brought up the executive order issued by then-President Obama in 2015 declaring Venezuela "an unusual and extraordinary threat" to U.S. national security and foreign policy.  It is absurd, Rodriguez said, noting that the country has never assaulted any nation. 

The Venezuelan official said that the U.S. carries out numerous aggressions, including multi-media attacks, against the Venezuelan people. "It is a real war because the siege is a form of war," he said.  

The deputy and first vice-president of the PSUV, Diosdado Cabello, also condemned the so-called Obama Decree.  "The intention of imperialism has been to destroy the Bolivarian Revolution.  The U.S. is interested in our natural resources which they lack," Cabello said.

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