Varadero Josone, This Year the Party Begins in Matanzas

Varadero Josone, This Year the Party Begins in Matanzas
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25 May 2023
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Sauto Theater, in Matanzas, a National Monument, will be added this year as the venue for the Varadero Josone festival, the popular Cuban musician Issac Delgado, organizer of the event, recently announced.

«The Festival is scheduled for August 21-27. It’s the third edition and it will have different characteristics: it will be a whole week of festival. Why? Because we are going to be in the city of Matanzas, at Sauto Theater, with a three-day program: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

“Our guest country will be Colombia, due to the approach taken in recent months with that nation culturally, we even spoke with the Colombian vice president. In addition, we are regulars, almost every year we are at the Cádiz fair, and that has allowed us to have a connection with Colombian artists”, commented “el chévere de la salsa”.

Issac affirmed that they already have the artistic program practically ready, although new exponents of the diverse musical range of the island can always join in:

«Josone is rumba, jazz, and son, but we are open to all musical genres, although we have always wanted to respect the rumba tradition Matanzas has, son music, which is the most sublime thing we have in our country, and Latin jazz, Cuban jazz, which is a genre in which there are a number of young and established artists who also accompany us».

Regarding the foreign participants, he said: «We are going to bring artists from Colombia, from the United States, mainly jazz players, and from other manifestations, who have wanted to contact us for years, because they already know what has happened in this festival. We have been very lucky in the last two years because of the creators that we have been able to bring here.

«We are also working with some artists from Spain, to see if we can also bring flamenco music to our festival, and what I do tell you is that we are going to be partying in Josone Park for seven days, from Monday to Sunday» .

Some Cuban groups are already confirmed for the event, including Aragón Orchestra, the Compay Segundo group, Havana d' Primera, Alain Pérez, as well as Maykel Blanco and Salsa Mayor, which is participating for the first time.

"I’m very happy," confessed Issac, and promised to announce the international artists shortly, since they are willing to participate and "they don't mind committing themselves to the press because in the end they want to come to Cuba," he said," and invited us :

«I invite you all in August, which is the hottest month. Every month in Cuba is hot, but this one gets hotter with Cuban music of all genres."

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