US NGO demand Cuba’s exclusion from Washington’s SSOT list

US NGO demand Cuba’s exclusion from Washington’s SSOT list
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20 June 2024
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Non-governmental and solidarity organizations in the United States have reiterated their demand to exclude Cuba from the State Sponsors of Terrorism (SSOT) list, where it arbitrarily remains under the administration of President Joe Biden.

The Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization IFCO-Pastors for Peace, the Cuba Si New York/New Jersey Coalition, and the December 12th Movement agreed in recent public statements on the harm caused to the Cuban people by such a designation amid a tightened US blockade.

They also agreed that the US Government has no moral or legal capacity to include Cuba on its false list when the Caribbean nation has been a victim of direct and indirect terrorist attacks by violent individuals based or trained in that northern country for decades.

The US Department of State announced on May 15 that Cuba was not included in its 2023 report of “countries that do not fully cooperate in the fight against terrorism,” IFCO recalled, and stated that the document was sent to the federal Congress.

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