US Centers favor efforts in the Senate to eliminate blockade on Cuba

US Centers favor efforts in the Senate to eliminate blockade on Cuba
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23 March 2023
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Washington, Mar 22 (Prensa Latina) The Washington Office on Latin American Affairs and the Center for Democracy in the Americas today celebrated the efforts made in the United States Senate to eliminate the blockade on Cuba.

According to a statement issued jointly, both entities support the most recent calls by senators to promote a review of the northern policy, which has lasted more than six decades and whose purpose is to inflict damage on the Caribbean nation.

On March 6, the information pointed out, the office of Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar resubmitted a bill to lift the blockade that, perennially, has been presented in all Congresses since 2015.

This initiative was followed on March 15 by a bipartisan letter sent by the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, the Democrat Ron Wyden, in which the current administration was asked to remove the restrictions on the private sector of the island, as well as the weight on trade, communications and travel.

The Freedom to Export to Cuba Act (S.653), cosponsored by three Democrats and two Republicans, would allow US companies, particularly agricultural producers, access to the Cuban market.

Eliminating policies that restrict the business sector, and harm civil society and communities, is vital to support the people and the future of the island, the communication argued.

He remarked that the reintroduction of the norm demonstrates the continued support for change in relation to the United States’ policy towards Cuba, after decades of a counterproductive approach that also harms North American businessmen.

He also recognized in the text how Washington’s rapprochement with Cuba experienced significant setbacks during the government of Donald Trump (2017-2021), which not only repealed much of the provisions of his predecessor Barack Obama (2009-2017), but also expanded The restrictions.

The maintenance of punitive measures, he added, occurs at the expense of the most vulnerable populations in the Antillean country: it affects families and businessmen, and hinders progress towards a more just and inclusive society.

The blockade, he added, has a severe impact on the Cuban economy and poses obstacles to international solidarity at a time when the country faces shortages of basic goods and medical supplies.

Finally, both entities urged the administration headed by President Joe Biden to follow these bipartisan calls that ask to reverse the position towards Cuba.

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