Uruguay’s PIT-CNT says criminal US blockade against Cuba must end

Uruguay’s PIT-CNT says criminal US blockade against Cuba must end
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21 March 2024
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Uruguay's trade union PIT-CNT demanded that the US blockade that causes hardships to the Cuban people should end.

The Uruguayan trade union movement emphasizes that the current hardships of the Cuban people are caused by the criminal US blockade, which has lasted more than 65 years, according to a statement from its National Secretariat.

The text expresses concern over the acts of interference by the US Government “to destabilize the situation” in Cuba.

The document underlines that in the face of the hardships the Cubans are experiencing, Washington is trying to take advantage of the situation “to promote provocations in that nation.”

The PIT-CNT condemned the Government of the United States and its Embassy in Havana, especially for the attempts at economic stifling and Cuba’s inclusion in the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism (SSOT).

The statement affirms that the blockade and the “list” harm Cuba’s access to resources, including fuel for thermoelectric power plants. It describes US authorities’ stance as hypocritical and repugnant.

The text adds that the trade union must defend the principle of non-interference in internal affairs and the peoples’ right to self-determination and strongly condemn this and any other external destabilizing action.

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