Uruguayan weekly highlights freedom of worship in Cuba

Uruguayan weekly highlights freedom of worship in Cuba
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1 November 2020
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Uruguayan weekly Caras y Caretas considers the inclusion of Cuba in a US 'Black List' of nations countries that do not respect freedom of worship as unsustainable for any observer.

The journal pointed out that 'in addition to the classic political, economic and military US measures, another issue has been recently included: the religious one.'

The publication revealed the purpose of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo´s present international tour focused on marking what could be his country´s agenda on international politics if President Donald Trump were to be re-elected in the next few days.

According to journalist Matías Grille, Pope Francis denied to meet Mike Pompeo a month ago for lashing out at Vatican's stance with China in favor of renewing the bilateral cardinal agreement.

It is argued that China, as well as Cuba, do not respect the freedom of worship domestically, 'a matter that has already been denied by a great number of bodies and organizations'.

With the headline 'Cuba and the Freedom of Worship', the Uruguayan journal detailed five of the most revealing articles regarding Cuba´s Constitution passed on February 24, 2019, supported by nearly 90% of votes, expressing inviolable principles concerning religions and believers.

In this regard, Matías Grille highlighted the respect and guarantee of the State towards religious freedom in different beliefs and religions, as well as the recognition of institutions, the rights of demonstration for lawful and peaceful purposes.

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