Uruguay fears violent final of Copa Libertadores soccer tournament

Uruguay fears violent final of Copa Libertadores soccer tournament
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11 October 2021
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Montevideo, Oct 11 (Prensa Latina) Police authorities in Uruguay and Brazil are preparing for a potentially violent Copa Libertadores final, local media reported here.
Montevideo's Centenario stadium will host on November 27 the final match between Brazilian clubs Flamengo and Palmeras, which have well-known rivalries.

According to Telenoche news, a very complex scenario is feared given that there are signs of a 'climate of war' among fans and there is a history of bloody episodes in recent times.

Host Nicolás Núñez alluded to audios that went viral on social networks in which both sides talk about bringing into the country firearms, ammunition, knives and fuel to make Molotov bombs.

The Uruguayan Ministry of the Interior is already coordinating with its Brazilian counterpart and the Ministry of Defense for the implementation of joint security operations, since most of those who will attend the soccer match will arrive by land, through routes along two thousand kilometers.

The National Sports Secretariat conceived the finals of the South America and Libertadores Cups, one week later, as the resumption of soccer competitions with full capacity and a boost to the country's depressed tourism industry.

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