The unjust, controversial and irrational US blockade turns 60 years-old

The unjust, controversial and irrational US blockade turns 60 years-old
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23 October 2020
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This Thursday, Cuba’s Minister of Foreign Affairs presented the Cuban Report on the impact caused by the US’s blockade policy over the past year, although this aggressive system dates back to the beginning of the Revolution and constitutes the biggest handicap to the development of the Caribbean nation.

This policy is the longest of its kind ever in modern history and has been condemned a dozen times by the UN where other countries argue — quite rightly — that it is a drag for the Caribbean nation.

The goal of suffocating the Cuban economy was very clear since the very beginning and this goal has remained in time and has been manipulated by US administrations to meddling in foreign affairs, or as it is happening now, to win some voters.

Since Donald Trump took office, sanctions against Cuba have been on the rise and 2020 — election year — has been marked by a series of unilateral measures aiming at stifling the Cuban economy, already in jeopardy after the havoc caused by the pandemic.

Actions and threats have as main purpose to win voters, especially in Florida, one of the swing states in US and actually pretty decisive due to its Latino population, especially that of Cubans, niche where the current US president wants to gain sympathy.

The US blockade tightens brutally, averaging one measure per week, attempting to strangle our economy. Its hostile and aggressive policy against Cuba hurts our people and Cuban citizens residing in the US or any other nation in the world, stated recently the Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The dozens of measures announced by President Trump in 2020 add up to those hundreds measures Cuba has had to cope with for years, and the list keeps growing. It only proves their inefficiency as citizens of both countries and some in third countries as well, have been affected negatively with them, more so now with the world living under a pandemic.

For years, Cuba has been unable to register trademarks, purchase medical supplies necessary for medical training, purchase medicines, equipment, containers and food in nearby markets, or just doing business with potential partners, among other things.

On the other hand, the Cuban authorities will continue to find solutions as they have been doing in the last 60 years. Health, education and guarantees of a life with dignity for the people will continue no matter how many measures the US may adopt, a clear sign of the US’s evil intentions.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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