University of Guadalajara Acknowledged for Promoting Marti’s Thought

University of Guadalajara Acknowledged for Promoting Marti’s Thought
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27 August 2023
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The Office of the Cuba's Martí Program on Saturday granted a plaque on the 25th anniversary of its foundation to the University of Guadalajara for spreading the thought of the Cuban Apostle of Independence.

The rector of the University Center for Social Sciences and Humanities in the state of Jalisco, Dr. Juan Manuel Durán, received the acknowledgement from Professor Héctor Hernández Pardo, deputy director of the Office and coordinator of the project.

After handing over the plaque, the Cuban director highlighted that the University of Guadalajara was one of the first in Mexico to have a Martí chair, a space that maintains a systematic academic activity, and is also the headquarters for the coordination of the international network of Martí chairs, a prioritized task in the actions of the José Martí Project.

Dr. Durán also received the medal granted by the Martí Program Office as an acknowledgement of the support that he has provided from the beginning, 20 years ago, of the activities of the José Martí chair that operates in the University of Guadalajara, which will organize the 20th International Meeting of Martí Chairs next November, made up of more than 50 in universities in different countries.

At the emotional ceremony, held in the rectory hall of the Science Center, the value of José Martí’s ideas and their validity in the current international situation were underscored.

Various university authorities from Guadalajara and all professors who are members of its Marti chair, headed by its coordinator, Dr. Mario Alberto Nájera, were present at the ceremony.

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