United States: Mortal wound to its democracy

United States: Mortal wound to its democracy
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6 November 2020
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Senators Marco Rubio and Mitch McConnell, along with others leaders in the Republican Party, decided not to get too much involved with President Donald Trump.

It happened after Trump crowned himself winner before completing the ballot counting.

McConnell, Republican Senate Majority Leader and close associate of Trump, declared that candidates must adapt “to every state’s rules.”

The Senator told the journalist “saying that he won the elections is different to completing the ballot counting.”

The Spanish news agency (EFE) recalled that Trump, after airing unproven fraud allegations in the elections, declared himself winner last Wednesday in Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Caroline, and Michigan.

This last state failed in his attempt to stop balloting by courts by arguing there was not enough access to vote counting locations.

Another Trump’s ally, radical-right Marco Rubio, tweeted:

"Taking days to count legally cast votes is NOT fraud."

Earlier, he stated in another message: “The result of the presidential race will be known after every legally cast vote has been counted.”

Chris Christie, President’s aide and former Republican governor in New Jersey did likewise. He had stated to the ABC News “we have to let the process to flow before labeling as flawed.”

He also said “It is a bad strategic call, and I did not expect such reaction from a man having such a job.”

It is important to highlight that Biden is now closer to win as he already owns 264 delegates to the Electoral College against Trump’s 214.

At the same time, Thomas Urbain, reporter at the French news agency (AFP), revealed that despite the final results of the U.S. elections, Donald Trump’s campaign has proven to be stronger than expected and “Trumpism” will survive.

He also added that although most of Hispanics did not vote for him, he mobilized them to win in Florida.

In a public statement Thursday afternoon, Joe Biden looked confident with the final result. He called for calm and count every vote. He later pointed out: “we are going to be the winners.”

Experts believe this chapter, among other things, will inflict a mortal wound to the traditional democratic image of the United States.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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