A Turkish Soap Opera... Another One

A Turkish Soap Opera... Another One
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18 June 2023
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This week concludes A Part of Me, the Turkish soap opera in Multivisión channel. Lifelong lovers of the soap opera have found in these Turkish productions the opportunity to follow plots and characters with no other pretensions than to entertain. Without much to say, without great morals, without social demands, without historical background, without complex conceptual approaches.

And this particular soap opera has looped the loop. Here only the incident has mattered, the tireless succession of events. Keep viewers in a state of permanent expectation. Something was always happening here (or many things at the same time), turning points were marked periodically, characters entered and exited the arena... with the obvious intention of avoiding stall points.

Nothing to object to if an elementary coherence of the story was kept. But in order to guarantee a hectic pace, the logic of some characters has been violated and it has reached the point of compromising here and there a certain plausibility of the events.

At least the actors have had material to embody their roles without Manichaeism.

A part of me has not marked a milestone in Cuban Television programming. It's another Turkish soap opera to spend time. Without complexes, without big surprises. A soap opera that will not establish itself strongly in the popular imagination... because it’s simply one more... among hundreds of productions in an industry that grows, and grows, and grows...

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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