Trump's wall

Trump's wall
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14 September 2020
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Across the world, there are several walls that are famous for their historical, religious or symbolic significance -- such as the Great Wall of China; the remains of the Hadrian Wall, designed to protect Rome against invading troops; the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem; and now the Wall of Lies, located between the United States and Mexico.

The wall's construction began under previous administrations, but President Donald Trump promised to achieve it’s completion to supposedly stop the crossing of undocumented migrants from the south to the north.

In addition, during his presidential campaign for the 2016 elections, he said that he would make Mexico pay the cost of the wall’s construction, which found the support of the white supremacist right and some other confused people.

The two campaign objectives turned into broken promises, given that of the more than three thousand kilometers of border, only some 400 were built, for which Mexico hasn't paid one cent.

Since it’s surrounded by corruption and falsehoods, it should be known as the Wall of Lies.

Here a couple of examples to illustrate this idea.  At the end of 2018 -- concerned by the lack of resources to continue the work -- the White House reported that in the last fiscal year the number of suspected "terrorists" who tried to move from Mexico to the United States rose to four thousand.

Relying on this information, they demanded that an immediate budget should be assigned to build a barrier because it represented a national security issue.

However, in January 2019, the NBC News network reviewed this data, found found that only SIX cases of suspected members of an extremist organization had arrested on the Mexican border.

Last August, another scandal linked to this matter was exposed.  Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon and the founder of the "We Build the Wall" group, Brian Kolfage, were arrested and charged with the appropriation of millions of dollars raised to fund the infamous border wall.

In previous commentaries, we have provided details on Bannon’s fraud, so now we must find out who Kolfage is.  According to the newspaper El País, known by everyone as right-wing Spanish media outlet, he’s a war veteran who lost both legs and an arm in Iraq and in 2017 began to raise funds.

For every $100 received, the organization would purchase a wall brick with the donor's name engraved on it.  He later announced that construction work had began at two locations, one in New Mexico and the other in Texas, but it turns out that neither of those building projects exists and the money was transferred, with Bannon's help, to other accounts.

Apparently, anything goes in the business world, and we wonder now how much Donald Trump knew about the operations of these "patriotic" friends of his. 


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