Tribute to Jose Marti in Key West

Tribute to Jose Marti in Key West
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27 January 2021
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The Alianza Martiana, the José Martí Cultural Association USA, and other Cuban emigre organizations in the United States celebrated in Key West on Tuesday the 168th anniversary of the birth of José Martí.

The event became a meeting of friendship and solidarity between Cuba and the United States, reported Cubadebate.

Teri Johnston, mayor of the City of Key West said that "Cuba and Key West," "have been an integral part of each other for more than two centuries, and recalled that the San Carlos Institute, founded by Cuban exiles in 1871, was the first bilingual, biracial school in the United States.

Johnston also recalled that in 1876 Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Jr. became the first Cuban-born mayor of Key West. At one point, thousands of Cuban workers employed in cigar manufacturing produced millions that made the northern town prosperous.

"Key West was the birthplace of Cuba's successful effort to free itself from the Spanish yoke, and José Martí, the father of the Cuban Revolutionary War, spent many years here rallying support for that struggle," she said.

Johnson proclaimed during the event Cuba and Key West as sister islands.

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