In Times of Covid19: I have what I had to have

In Times of Covid19: I have what I had to have
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19 April 2020
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These are certainly rough days and everyone is contributing according to their skills. For example, health professionals are saving lives in hospitals. Artists make our lives easier amid this chaos. But, if your skill is to make up lies, then I do not want to hear it!




We need a swimmer! One with enough expertise to walk on troubled waters promptly and accurately. We need somebody who may go straight to the final line no matter what. We need someone brave and sagacious at the same time.


We need swimmers and lifesavers. We are a proud, firm island and despite troubled waters, it has survived with its truth. Therefore, I do not need in this geography the biologists, nor Laura in WhatsApp or ghost speedboats.


I trust Dr. Durán every single day as much as I trust my strong President who I watch every day on the news behind a face mask, which trembles due to the firmness in each of his word.


My country is afraid of nothing. If there is important news to convey, the Ministry of Public Health does it.


I live in a country where rumors travel fast, but also solidarity and love for life.


I have a lovely family. And in recent days, we show our love via telephone calls. I have a happy, funny family that is now separated so no one misses the big party later. I have a pretty much versatile, colorful family that shares a common goal, which is to survive this nightmare and hug each other without fear.


I have my children who understand a lot of things and tell you how to wear a face mask and how many times we should wash our hands, or how the “Chinese virus” is nonsense; children who feel safe with mom, their country, and their people (not irresponsible liars, naïve or paid by foreign interests).


I have faith and strength to defend my island. I have, let’s see, I have what I had to have.


Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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