Syrian-Russian scientific mission discovers ruins of ancient port

Syrian-Russian scientific mission discovers ruins of ancient port
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28 January 2021
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Damascus, Jan 28 (Prensa Latina) The Department of Antiquities of the Syrian Mediterranean province of Tartus, is processing the remains found on its coasts of Greek amphorae, Phoenician vessels, Egyptian vases and Roman stone utensils.
According to specialists, during the exploration work, remains of an ancient port were discovered: the remains of a breakwater, the foundations of a lighthouse or observation tower and four marble columns, among others.

Dmitri Tatarkov, director of the Institute of Social Sciences and International Relations of the State University of Sebastopol (Russia), participant in the investigations, affirmed that the materials found will allow to reconstruct maritime commercial routes that unite this zone with the rest of the Mediterranean and to determine the life cycle of the ports that existed.

According to the disclosed data, this part of the Syrian coast had not been studied before, and the assumption that there could be a port at this site was made by researchers who had previously worked on the coast.

The joint Syrian-Russian mission explored the seabed visually with the aid of remotely operated submersible equipment and also discovered three previously unknown anchorages from ancient times, as well as the remains of long-standing hydraulic structures.

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