Solidarity project with Cuba makes donation to pediatric hospital

Solidarity project with Cuba makes donation to pediatric hospital
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28 June 2022
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MATANZAS, Cuba, Jun 27 (ACN) The epic of today is to unite the emigrants to throw off the burden of the blockade that chokes the Cuban people, said Carlos Lazo, leader of the Bridges of Love project, who delivered a donation of powdered milk to the provincial pediatric hospital in Matanzas(western province).

The teacher and activist, accompanied by a group of students and their parents, pointed out that the shipment purchased by the Code Pink organization, made up of Americans and Cubans living in the United States, represents the desire to put an end to more than 60 years of conflict.
Beyond any differences, Cubans living abroad, in Miami, realize that sanctions punish families and must be lifted; it is an encouragement to know that our brothers here support this effort, Lazo remarked.

Jose Hernandez Hernandez, general director of the Eliseo Noel Caamaño pediatric hospital in this city, expressed his gratitude for the donation and assured that it will contribute to improve the nutrition of the children and their mothers.

We suffer the consequences of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the U.S. every day, they affect us all the same and they did not let up even during the COVID-19 pandemic, noted the pediatrician, who mentioned the difficulties in acquiring syringes and other medical supplies.

The group led by Carlos Lazo visited this day the majestic Sauto Theater, a neoclassical building from the 19th century, where they learned about its history and listened to several pieces performed by music students.

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