The Solidarity from Danilo Resqueijo's Farm

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The Solidarity from Danilo Resqueijo's Farm
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18 May 2020
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When we met outside Dr. Mario Muñoz Military Hospital of Matanzas Province, Danilo Resqueijo had been awake for about five hours, although it was barely past 9:00 a.m.

But, the watery eyes were not for lack of sleep, he is used to that by now, this farmer was on the brink of the most human and manly of tears.

It was a huge surprised set up by the military personnel who “ran the operation”, an army wearing surgical masks ready to wrestle with the COVID-19 was expecting him there to give him a huge applause. Those who are usually applauded became the ones clapping their hands.

Who can remain unaffected? From the town of Bolondrón, where he lives, to his farm, Danilo travels each day about 15 kilometers every morning. To reach the Military Hospital, in the provincial capital, he traveled more than forty in a truck loaded with fruit, food, seasonings and solidarity. But if we multiply that by 4, which is the number of loads he has delivered for the feeding of health personnel and patients hospitalized here, he already accumulates about 200 km and an amount of appreciation that no unit of measure can express.

Can the applauses measure it? Danilo replies affirmatively, that all the tomatoes, pumpkins, bananas, chili peppers, watermelons, each product he has donated is well paid: “… nothing I have done before has been so highly valued, these are some very nice people, what can I tell you, today for example, I don't give them a heads up, Juan Carlos, the principal tells me to give him a call, but I don't call him because I don't like any of this and today I arrived and see what I met, that is enough for me. "

With that and Amaranta´s pride, his five-year-old daughter with a beautiful name who waits for her daddy every day when he returns from the farm at around 6:00 p.m. She also inspires him when he pauses in his daily routine and pays a quick visit to the hospital. She and a feeling that can´t be bought in the market.

“It's the only way I can help, I thought about it and I discussed it with my colleagues and they said yes, that's fine, those who work with me, my family. I am complying with the state, all my harvesting plans, this does not affect at all, the country is in a situation that needs everyone to lay hand and I feel good, I feel very good with what I am doing.

Amilkal Labañino / CubaSi Translation Staff

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