Solidarity aid sent from Mexico to Pinar del Río

Solidarity aid sent from Mexico to Pinar del Río
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4 November 2022
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Mexico City, Nov 4 (RHC) Cubans living in Mexico and Mexicans from the Solidarity Promoter Va por Cuba, sent a donation of shoes, medicines, and other supplies for victims of hurricane Ian in Pinar del Rio

A load of 300 kilos of medical supplies for that western Cuban province, and a donation of Helvex hardware for the Faustino Pérez hospital in Matanzas are part of the solidarity of Cubans and Mexicans to break the criminal blockade imposed by the United States.

Garza added that this Cuban-Mexican donation has the symbolism of going to the island on the very day that the UN General Assembly approved for the 30th consecutive year a resolution against the blockade of Cuba.

He adds that after this vote of people of all continents against a true crime against humanity, the government of the United States should react with common sense and immediately lift the blockade that causes so much damage and suffering to the Cuban people.

He points out that it is demonstrated for the umpteenth time that the government of the United States is isolated and that only Israel, another government that violates human rights and perpetrator of crimes against humanity on the Palestinian people, voted in favor of this crime.

He adds that the two governments that abstained, Jair Bolsonaro's Brazil and Ukraine submitted to Washington and NATO, are far from preventing the vote of 185 countries against the blockade from being considered unanimous.

Therefore, he affirmed, the government of President Joe Biden should react and fulfill its electoral promises starting by eliminating the designation of Cuba as a country that promotes terrorism. (Source: PL)

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