Rwanda, Cuba to bolster health sector cooperation

Rwanda, Cuba to bolster health sector cooperation
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9 April 2024
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Prime Minister Edouard Ngirente, on Monday, April 8, held discussions with Dr José Ángel Portal Miranda, Cuban Minister for Public Health, focusing on enhancing existing partnerships, particularly in the health sector.

Miranda and his delegation are in Rwanda to participate in the 30th Commemoration of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

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Speaking to the media on April 8, he highlighted the 45-year friendship between Rwanda and Cuba, emphasising the historical significance of their bond.


The discussions were focusing on enhancing existing partnerships, particularly in the health sector.

The discussions were focusing on enhancing existing partnerships, particularly in the health sector.


“We chose the friendship that our countries share throughout history,” Miranda stated. He acknowledged recent high-level visits between the two nations, including Cuba’s vice president visiting Rwanda and Rwanda’s Minister of Health’s visit to Cuba. These visits facilitated crucial discussions on health cooperation.

The Cuban minister revealed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Rwanda’s Minister of Health in Havana, laying the groundwork for enhanced health cooperation.

“This collaboration aims not only to deploy Cuban doctors to Rwanda but also to focus on biotechnology, specialist training, and clinical trials,” he said.

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Health issues, Miranda stressed, are of paramount importance, aligning with both governments’ priorities to develop and safeguard the health of their citizens.

Miranda pointed out that during the meeting with Prime Minister Ngirente, they reiterated Cuba’s commitment to strengthening relations, emphasising the potential for cooperation beyond the health sector.

Dr Sabin Nsanzimana, Rwanda’s Minister of Health, highlighted Cuba’s significant expertise in medical training, particularly in specialties where Rwanda faces shortages. He underscored the importance of quadrupling Rwanda’s health workforce and expanding medical services to rural areas.


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“The goal is to deploy doctors to provinces, upgrading provincial hospitals to teaching hospital status,” Nsanzimana explained. He emphasised the urgency of addressing critical medical needs, such as neurosurgery, where Rwanda lacks adequate professionals.

Nsanzimana emphasised that while the partnership with Cuba will not address all healthcare challenges, it will significantly contribute to Rwanda’s healthcare goals.

He further said that the Rwanda-Cuba health partnership represents a beacon of hope in Rwanda’s healthcare landscape, aligning with the government’s ambitious “four by four” initiative to enhance healthcare accessibility and quality.

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