Russian communists denounce new US maneuver against Cuba

Russian communists denounce new US maneuver against Cuba
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15 July 2021
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The Central Committee of the Russian Communist Workers' Party (Bolsheviks), on Thursday assured that with the July 11 destabilizing actions in Cuba, the United States decided to deal a new blow to that symbol of freedom.

In its statement, the RCWP(b) drew attention to the alleged demands for 'freedom' launched by a group of people, a demand described as 'absurd and illogical.'

'Cuba is today a free and independent country, where human rights are fully respected and the right to work is guaranteed for everyone,' the text stated.

The proclamation by the Russian communists pointed out that US officers spared no effort or expense to enslave Cuba and hoped that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Republic of Cuba would surrender quickly.

The RCWP(b) expressed its solidarity with the Cuban Government and people who took to the streets to defend the country and rejected the actions promoted from the United States with the aim of destabilizing the internal situation in the Caribbean nation.


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