Russia to Simplify Visa Process for Latin America and Africa

Russia to Simplify Visa Process for Latin America and Africa
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22 June 2024
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Russia is working to simplify the visa system with the countries of the BRICS group and other Latin American and African nations, the Minister of Economic Development, Maxim Reshetnikov, said today.

According to the Minister, most of the BRICS countries have direct flights and tourists can travel without visas, and in isolated cases, work is underway to simplify the process, as is the case with several countries in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America, Reshetnikov told reporters.

He also specified that the talks are already at an advanced stage while the ministry, for its part, informed that, on the sidelines of the first Brics tourism forum, which is being held in Moscow on June 20-21, “a road map on cooperation in the field of tourism” was signed.

The roadmap consists of a series of projects with a coherent structure.

It covers a platform of digital solutions in the sphere of tourism, the development of a skills program for operators in the sector, the BRICS green initiative in the field of the leisure industry, as well as a number of events to promote business ties,” Reshétnikov elaborated.


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