Russia exceeds 873,000 recoveries from Covid-19

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Russia exceeds 873,000 recoveries from Covid-19
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12 September 2020
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Russia reached on Saturday 873,535 recoveries from Covid-19, after discharging 5,428 people in 24 hours, the capital's television indicated.


In addition, the general staff for the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic accumulated 1, 57, 362 Covid-19 cases, of which experts detected 5,488 in one day.

Thus, the figure of daily cases exceeded 5,000 infected for the ninth consecutive day.

The death toll reached 18,484, after specialists recorded 119 deaths from Covid-19 in one day, including 23 in Saint Petersburg and 12 in this city, while the province of Nizhegorod and the Krasnodar region had six deaths.

Another 31 Russian regions registered fewer than five deaths per capita. The fatality rate remained at 1.75 percent.

This city registered 1,143 recoveries from Covid-19, amounting to 228,673, while there were 670 Covid-19 cases in one day, increasing to 270,447 afflicted. Thus, the recovery rate rose here to 84.55 per cent.

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