A round of applause for Cuban doctors

A round of applause for Cuban doctors
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30 March 2020
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We are experiencing unprecedented events these days. Weeks ago, Cuban citizens could not picture themselves at home without going out looking for food. Meanwhile, the world is suffering from a terrible pandemic.

Nonetheless, to those negative experiences — never before imagined — a new gesture was added, whose nobility and sincerity lighted up this Sunday night.

At 21:00hrs, the NTV highlighted the summoning in social networks to show our gratitude to health personnel from our windows and balconies.

It was a gratitude gesture to our physicians, nurses, all of our health personnel who are fighting hard this Covid-19 in the frontline. They are taking every measure to protect themselves, but the bottom line is they are taking a huge risk. And anyway, they are still doing their job with discipline, responsibility, encouraged by a strong sense of duty and love, with their heads up. They are heroes.

Those rounds of applause were welcomed by Cuban doctors abroad, in nations where the outbreak hit harder. They are showing both human solidarity and altruism are part of daily life in Cuba.

You could see people applauding behind their windows. You could hear: “Bravo!” and “Long life Cuba!” But we could not see the teardrops falling in silence, with pride, fear, from that mother’s face, or wife, or daughter, or friend, or father, grandfather…relatives of those with white coats and masks challenging the ailment face to face to safeguarding other mothers, fathers, daughters, and grandparents…

It resounded high as if every angel in the world had agreed to flap their wings. But they were not angels. They were grateful Cuban individuals.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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