Protestors rally in Vienna in defiance of police bans

Protestors rally in Vienna in defiance of police bans
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14 February 2021
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In Austria, protesters held a huge rally in Vienna’s city center, defying a police ban on what’s become regular rallies in Austria against the government-imposed restrictions to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Police put the official number of protesters at 2,000, but organizers said there were much more people many of whom were forcefully barred from joining the bigger rallies.  News reports say that despite the police ban, thousands have been taking part in demonstrations like this over the past weeks.  And the arrests that have been made by the police during this time has done little to deter these crowds.

Many of the demonstrators said they were against the recently announced rule for older school children to take mandatory COVID tests and wear masks in school.

Most of the protesters did not wear masks and were vocal in their dismissal.  Local media said protesters included high-profile members of far-right and neo-Nazi groups.  Several people were arrested and at least two police officers were injured in Saturday's protest action.

The government’s management of the COVID crisis has also been criticized by industrial groups who argue the restrictions are killing jobs, growth and wealth.

For now, with infections still high, the Austrian government has decided to keep hotels and restaurants closed while reopening schools, shops and services.


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