Prime Minister talks about challenges of Cuban culture in 2023

Prime Minister talks about challenges of Cuban culture in 2023
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28 March 2023
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Havana, March 28 (RHC) The assessment meeting of the Ministry of Culture (Mincult) was carried out in the Council of State in Havana with the presence of the Prime Minister of the Republic, Manuel Marrero Cruz; the Vice Prime Minister, Inés María Chapman Waugh; and the head of the sector, Alpidio Alonso Grau. At the meeting, the problems and successes of Cuban culture in 2022 were discussed, and ideas and proposals were presented on how to enrich the cultural policy of the nation where the main recipient is the people.

Alexis Triana Hernández, director of the Mincult Cultural Communication Center, raised the need to establish a hybrid concept when it comes to programming activities and artistic-literary events.

Triana pointed out that communication of culture must be sovereign when conceiving shows and promotional billboards through audiovisuals and social networks, which will only be possible if science and innovation used as a means to reach audiences.

He commented that this year the creation of Crear TV is expected, a multimedia platform that will keep the population up-to-date on what is happening in the arts throughout the country in real time.

Another of the projections for the current period will be the strengthening of the National Program against Racism and Racial Discrimination. Regarding this aspect, Pedro de la Hoz González, journalist and president of the José Antonio Aponte Commission, insisted on the importance that the emancipatory precepts of this governmental mechanism be known in the neighborhoods and in each territory of the largest of the Antilles, where the approach to the problem of skin color is transversal to other issues of social interest.

He pointed out that the completion of the Regreso de Aponte monument is expected in 2023, in the western province of Mayabeque.

Agustín Pérez González, director of Cultural Programs of the Mincult, emphasized the role of school as the most important cultural center within a community, where workers of that organization can advise the work of the art instructors who are in the educational institutions.

He said that it is necessary to reinforce the presence of allegorical contents to the arts in the curricula of schools to awaken in students and their teachers skills for the appreciation of all manifestations of creation.

Pérez González made a call to evaluate the implementation of the program "Sow ideas, sow awareness" that is committed to cultural decolonization and to promote patriotic values ​​in each of the Cuban educational spaces.

As the culmination of the balance, Marrero Cruz highlighted the role of the Mincult and all the creators of the archipelago, whom he considered an example of resistance and courage in the face of an incessant media war against the nation.

The Head of Government invited artists and intellectuals, who have always put their thoughts and actions at the service of the people, to eliminate inefficiencies and limitations that damage Cuba's valuable cultural heritage. (Source: ACN)

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