Prime Minister of Cuba congratulates Radio Rebelde station

Prime Minister of Cuba congratulates Radio Rebelde station
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24 February 2024
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The Prime Minister of Cuba, Manuel Marrero, conveyed a hug and recognition to the workers of the Radio Rebelde station, which today celebrates 66 years since it was founded.

Marrero recalled that the social network Radio Rebelde was founded on February 24, 1958 by the Argentine-Cuban guerrilla Ernesto Guevara and since then it has maintained its ancestry and prestige in the Caribbean nation.

The station broadcasts essentially informative programming 24 hours a day, in particular a high percentage of its broadcasts is dedicated to broadcasting national and international sporting events live or on a delayed basis.

According to its website, Radio Rebelde has an installed power capacity of 891 kilowatts, with 44 transmitters for coverage of 98 percent of the entire country.

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