Pretrial detention for murderer of PT-Brazil treasurer

Pretrial detention for murderer of PT-Brazil treasurer
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11 July 2022
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Brasilia, Jul 11 ​​(Prensa Latina) Brazilian Justice today decreed preventive detention for the supporter of Jair Bolsonaro, who assassinated Marcelo Aloizio de Arruda, treasurer of the Workers' Party (PT), in the southern state of Paraná.

“At the request of the Public Ministry of Paraná, the preventive detention of the man investigated for the death of a municipal guard in Foz de Iguazú, in the west of the state, which occurred last Saturday, July 9, was determined”, the Prosecutor’s Office of Paraná reported in a statement.

The crime occurred at dawn on Sunday, when federal criminal police officer Jorge Guaranho fired shots at Arruda’s 50th birthday party (also armed as a municipal guard) at the headquarters of the Itaipu Physical Health Sports Association, in the city of Foz de Iguazu.

Guaranho was wounded in the exchange of fire and remains hospitalized in a local hospital.

Images from a security camera recorded the moment in which the two discussed outside the party, before the Bolsonaro follower shot the PT member dead.

The prosecutor Tiago Lisboa Mendonça reported that as soon as the agent is ready, he will be heard.

He specified that, from now on, the Special Action Group to Combat Organized Crime will be part of the investigation team.

In response to the event, former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva lamented the assassination and pointed out that at his anniversary party the protection agent “had the theme of the PT and hope for the future; with the joy of a father who has just had another daughter”.

The political organization also denounced that Arruda “was a victim of intolerance, hatred and political violence”, when celebrating his birthday with family, friends and colleagues.

The bloodshed occurred just three months before the presidential elections and at a time when Lula remains the favorite in all opinion polls, with an obvious advantage over Bolsonaro, who will seek re-election at the polls.

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