President Díaz-Canel thanks all who struggle against US blockade

President Díaz-Canel thanks all who struggle against US blockade
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2 May 2023
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President Miguel Díaz-Canel on Tuesday thanked all those who make Cuba and joint causes a meaning of their lives, and those for struggling –alongside Cuba- against the hostile U.S. blockade.

Closing the International Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba and Anti-Imperialism 200 years after the Monroe Doctrine, The Cuban leader reaffirmed his confidence in his people for their resistance amid so hard times.

“We must defeat the US blockade without waiting for it to be lifted, and you, our friends who represent international solidarity, have an important role to play,” President Díaz-Canel stressed, while ratifying before over 1,000 foreign delegates and some 200 nationals at the Havana International Conference Center, that the call to withdraw Cuba from the arbitrary U.S. list of states sponsoring terrorism will also continue underway. Plus, Díaz-Canel urged for continuing to confront on social media the attempts to discredit the Cuban Revolution and warned that ahead of such an aggressive policy, the solidarity movement is increasingly growing and actions are becoming stronger and more coordinated.

He commented that Cuba will keep on sticking to its way and also stressed that socialism is the only possible avenue for a better justice for all.


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