IN PHOTOS: Educating for the Future

IN PHOTOS: Educating for the Future
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26 December 2022
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On December 22nd, 1961, our island was proclaimed by Fidel as an illiteracy free territory and the decision was made to establish it as Educator's Day after a difficult and determined task of making all of Cuba literate. Many of our young teachers stepped forward and head for the mountains, some lost their lives, such is the case of the young brigade member Manuel Ascunce Doménech. It was the other step towards freedom, knowing how to read and write; at present it’s still celebrated in a symbolic way at schools with the reading festival.

"Anyone can instruct, educate, only someone who is a living gospel." In that phrase of teacher José de la Luz y Caballero the art of educating is defined. The teacher defended the idea that educating was shaping the soul for life, which is why many called him the shaper of souls or the teacher of youth.

On the other hand, educating is not a task solely for teachers and schools (as an institution that shapes values). Their training mission is complemented by that given by the family and at home. There’s a phrase that puts it on a shell: Education begins at home. It means that parents are primarily responsible for the education and upbringing of their children. They, undoubtedly, support academic training at different levels.

With this gallery, we send our congratulations from CubaSí to all teachers of Cuba: Thank you for the devotion:

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