Panamanian Artists, Intellectuals Reject US Blockade Against Cuba

Panamanian Artists, Intellectuals Reject US Blockade Against Cuba
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4 June 2023
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Outstanding Panamanian singer-songwriter Romulo Castro strongly condemned the hostile U.S. blockade imposed on Cuba as well as recent attacks on Cuban artists and intellectuals abroad.


Referring to Washington’s hostile policy and Cuba´s inclusion in a list of States sponsoring terrorism, Romulo Castro who is also serving as Director of the ¨Tuira¨ New Song Movement group, told Prensa Latina News Agency that he joins those millions of people crying out for the end of accusations and lists of terrorists, organized by so-called democrats in the name of freedom.


“Freedom and rights will belong to all people or they will belong to none,” Castro said.


No economic blockade or coercive measures are the ethical way to build full democracy, social justice and multipolar relations.


Regarding recent attacks on Buena Fe duo in Barcelona and poet Nancy Morejón in France, Castro expressed his opposition to any sort of discrimination and violence against art and artists for any political reasons.


In Panama the Tigre Azul Laberinto Roto cultural project by poets Alessandra Monterrey and Jhavier Romero strongly condemned violence against Cuban poet Nancy Morejón.

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