New Protest Called to Demand Bolsonaro's Resignation

New Protest Called to Demand Bolsonaro's Resignation
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25 February 2021
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The Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST), in conjunction with more than 80 social organizations in Brazil, called for women across the country to a mobilization for International Women's Day to demand the resignation of the president, Jair Bolsonaro, vaccines for the entire population and an end to violence against women in the South American nation.


"On this March 8, 2021, we women from all over Brazil (...) mobilize on International Women's Day to shout out of indignation and feminist fury Out with Bolsonaro!  Vaccines for the entire population! (...) For the end of violence against women!" expresses the manifesto disseminated on the official profile of the MST on the social network Twitter.


The document condemns that the Covid-19 pandemic has deepened class, race and gender inequalities in the nation. "The humanitarian tragedy went far beyond the virus and deaths: with the increase in poverty and the growth of the homeless population."


The text raises an increase in violence against women in the domestic, political, institutional and medical spheres, which has claimed the lives of its victims. In addition, it refers that Brazil is one of the first countries in the world to report crimes against trans and transvestite women, where the rights of the LGBTI+ population, as well as the indigenous population, are also violated.


"In the genocidal policy of this government (referring to the government of Jair Bolsonaro), the indigenous and quilombola peoples continue to suffer extermination, with the expulsion from their territories, the murder of their leaders and the increase of hunger and misery."


It also states that the pandemic has demonstrated the importance of a single health system to ensure the lives of the people. "We demand an urgent and immediate vaccine for the entire population, free and universally (...) We do not accept that the vaccine be used for electoral purposes or serve to benefit the pharmaceutical industries."


He also denounces the economic policy led by President Bolsonaro and Paulo Guedes, which benefits banks and businessmen, to the detriment of women, the poor, blacks and the peripheral population, sectors of the population most affected by the pandemic.  "The Government's actions contributed to the spread of the virus, by not prioritizing resources to combat COVID-19, ignoring the importance and urgent need for the vaccine," the document specifies.

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