The Necessary War

The Necessary War
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28 February 2024
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Cuba celebrated this February 24th the 129th anniversary of the resuming of the Independence War in Cuba, as part of a Revolution that has been one, in the words of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, which started in 1868 with Céspedes and later boosted by Martí with a titanic endeavor thereafter, when he worked hard to unite all the forces aiming for the full-fledged freedom of the people.

The (18)95’ War has been known as The Necessary War, since no fratricidal feelings were involved, but a true conviction that there was no other way to reach the independence of Cuba. Spain rejected the idea of losing one of its colony, and Cubans were eager to be sovereign.

The word nation could be already mentioned by then. There was rooted an identity and a culture. The metropolis subjected our country to a vile state of political dependence, which led to the undermining of the rights of all Cubans.

Martí, a political genius, understood that only unity would result in the realization of Cubans’ ideas of independence. Therefore, he devoted to the organization of a war facing autocratic leaderships.

In Martí’s conception, the war could result in a republic “with all, and for the good of all.”

The death of our Apostle in the battlefield was a huge blow. However, the other Cubans who fought in the war proved their courage and determination. It was a fair war of a people against domination and injustice.

The victory was, to a great extent, hijacked with the intervention of the United States by the end of the war. The Republic established in 1902 was not the one dreamed up by Martí. But the ideas of the most universal of all Cubans did not fall into oblivion. José Martí did not plough the sands.

In 1953, the Centennial Generation honored the legacy of the National Hero. The Revolution got radicalized. In 1959, the mambises did entered Santiago (de Cuba) this time.

The project of a free and sovereign nation is essentially following Martí’s ideals. And Martí always aimed for the Cuban unity. It is a lesson that is absolutely valid in particularly demanding moments. The Revolution is a process. We must continue making Revolution.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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