Nancy Morejon: I am a creature of the Cuban Revolution

Nancy Morejon: I am a creature of the Cuban Revolution
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7 June 2023
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Paris, Jun 7 (Prensa Latina) The poet and essayist Nancy Morejon said today in Paris that she considers herself a creature of the Cuban Revolution, a commitment she accepts without questioning the one adopted by others.

She said to Prensa Latina that it is regrettable that some colleagues do not accept it, that they talk about freedom of expression and rights and at the same time they lie and censure or defame a history they do not know.

The National Literature Prize winner and author of Mississippi, Madre, Renacimiento, Mujer Negra, Lianas, peces y algas, Impresiones and many others, was invited to the Paris Poetry Market, an event inaugurated today, and appointed as its honorary president, but when she arrived, the organizers decided to withdraw that status, yielding to pressures from anti-Cuban sectors.

According to the literary critic and translator, what occurred can be described as alarming and regrettable: the triumph of hatred over art.

Poetry is a common good, a need to work and experiment in favor of a better world and social justice, that was my message here, she said, and refused to take part in other activities of the 40th edition of the Market, whose administrators also excluded her from the opening ceremony, in which she had been previously announced.

For Morejon, guided by the supreme values of love, friendship and peace there are no grudges or hatred.

I am in the City of Light, which has its vanguard and will always have it, thankful for the solidarity and for so many reactions here and in other parts of the world, she stressed.

She insisted on her right to defend just causes and that culture should not be invaded by fascist and racist ideas.

I am a creature of the Cuban Revolution, because that process led by Fidel Castro opened a wide space for peasants and workers, she said.

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