Middle East: Massive Protests Against Israeli Bombing of Gaza

Middle East: Massive Protests Against Israeli Bombing of Gaza
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28 October 2023
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Iranians carried Palestinian flags and photographs of Netanyahu labeling him a "war criminal."

On a sacred day for Muslims, thousands of people in Jordan, Iraq, Yemen, and Bahrain took to the streets for the third consecutive Friday to condemn the ongoing Israeli airstrikes on Gaza and the international community's inaction in brokering a ceasefire.

In Amman, the capital of Jordan, more than 200,000 people gathered, chanting "Stop the relentless bombings in Gaza" and voicing slogans against Israeli occupation.

Similar protests unfolded in various provinces of the Hashemite Kingdom, including within the Palestinian refugee camp of Baqaa, located about 20 kilometers north of Amman. There, demonstrators chanted slogans in support of the people in Gaza.

Since Oct. 7, the Israeli airstrikes have killed over 7,300 Palestinians and injured 19,000 people in Gaza, where the civilian population is enduring a humanitarian catastrophe.

Protesters also called on the Arab and Western communities to "pressure Israeli occupation to halt its aggression against Gaza" and take action to "prevent a genocide."

In Sanaa, the Yemeni capital controlled by Houthi rebels, thousands of people gathered after Friday prayers, waving Palestinian and Lebanese Shia movement Hezbollah flags.

Hezbollah is one of the primary allies of the Yemeni insurgents and has been engaged in daily exchanges of fire with Israel since Oct. 8.

Meanwhile, Baghdad became a focal point for protests, with dozens of people congregating in Tahrir Square "in support of the Palestinian people and to condemn Israel's brutal attacks."

Palestinian flags were raised, and a prominent banner called for the "right to Palestinian independence," with photographs of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu bearing the label "war criminal."

In Bahrain, protesters gathered in various locations in the capital, Manama, and its surroundings, despite limited clashes between the police and participants in other Palestine solidarity protests the previous night. Demonstrators chanted slogans against Israel and symbolically trampled on the Israeli flag.

A large banner held by protesters read, "You are not alone," emphasizing solidarity with the besieged Gaza Strip. Houthi officials, who have announced they will not remain "idle" in the face of Israel's siege on Gaza, were also present at the protest.

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