Mexican Intellectuals welcome Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel

Mexican Intellectuals welcome Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel
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15 September 2021
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The Observatorio Ciudadano de Coyoacán and the Escuela de Cuadros Morena Coyoacán expressed on Tuesday a warm welcome to Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel, who will begin an official visit to Mexico on the 16th.

The Cuban ruler will attend the ceremonies for the 211th anniversary of national independence, and then the VI Summit of heads of dignitaries of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States -Celac.

In their welcome letter, the intellectuals point out that this is his third trip to Mexico during the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, as he attended his inauguration in 2018, and later in 2019 on an official visit.

The current visit coincides with the important VI Summit of Heads of State and Government of Celac to be held next September 18 in Mexico City, the text adds.

The welcome letter was signed by 90 renowned Mexican intellectuals headed by writer Elena Poniatowska, Armando Bartra, Lorenzo Meyer, Bertha Luján, Ifigenia Martínez, Héctor Díaz-Polanco, Paco Ignacio Taibo II and John Saxe Fernández. (Source: Prensa Latina).

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