Manipulation of the situation in Cuba after the hurricane denounced

Manipulation of the situation in Cuba after the hurricane denounced
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3 October 2022
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Havana, Oct 3 (RHC) Cuba's Casa de las Americas denounced that the enemies of the Revolution want to capitalize on the logical discomfort of the island's citizens deprived of basic services by Hurricane Ian.

In a statement entitled Ante la Cuba virtual, la Cuba real, the institution stresses that those interested in putting an end to the socialist process on the island are hoping that nature will finally achieve what so many desperate attempts to destroy the Revolution have failed to do.

Now they politicize demonstrations and spontaneous protests, move through the networks with hysterical and aggressive hate speeches, incite street violence, oppose the slightest relaxation of the blockade and follow to the letter the script of the soft coup, warns the document.

It recalls that in a few days it will be 60 years since the Missile Crisis, perhaps the moment of greatest risk experienced by the revolutionary process.

According to the text, once again destiny offers Cubans the alternative of surrendering to adversities and threats or imposing themselves on them with imagination and audacity.

No "failed state", as some enemies point out, could dream of the second option; no worthy people would support it, the statement points out.

It clarifies that Cuba is recovering from the ravages caused by Hurricane Ian in recent days and instead of the repression attributed to the so-called "virtual country", in the "real" one, the authorities are permanently visiting the affected areas and talking with the citizens. (Source: PL)

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