A loud message in front of the White House: End the blockade on Cuba!

A loud message in front of the White House: End the blockade on Cuba!
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26 July 2021
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Demonstrators unanimously demanded in front of the White House on Sunday the end of the unilateral economic siege 12 consecutive US administrations have imposed on Cuba.

The rally in the emblematic Lafayette Park welcomed the end of the walk, members of the solidarity organization Bridges of Love staged from Miami to the US capital.

People in solidarity with Cuba attended despite the threats of those who want to impose hatred on love and oppose the rapprochement between the two countries.

The sit-in was the successful culmination of the unprecedented walk of two thousand kilometers and over almost a month of the Bridges of Love project.

The event was also supported by hundreds of Internet users connected to the live broadcast on social networks.

Biden cannot cover his eyes, 'thanks for the solidarity,' 'enough of hatred,' 'the haters are rabid because the only thing they want is a military intervention,' 'long live the Cuban family,' 'long live brotherhood,' were some of the messages posted on Facebook.

Professor Carlos Lazo, the initiative coordinator, left with his group on June 27 from Miami, Florida, crossing Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia until arriving on Sunday morning in Washington DC.

From the beginning of the pilgrimage, as Lazo declared to Prensa Latina, they joined wills and created alliances in favor of the rapprochement between the United States and Cuba, and the end of a policy of asphyxiation that has weighed on the Caribbean country for more than six decades.

As the activist predicted, 'no one can stop this, and in that spirit, those who gathered repeated that solutions must come through other paths, those of peace and understanding.

At the event, Bridges of Love delivered more than 27,000 signatures accompanying their demands to Biden.

We want to send remittances, that consular services be opened at the embassy in Havana, that flights return to all Cuban provinces, that the family reunification plan is reestablished and that Americans travel freely to Cuba, insisted Lazo.

While this happened in Washington DC, other initiatives in support of Bridges of Love and against the blockade took place from east to west of the United States, such as car and bicycle caravans in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle, as well as in different capitals of the world.

Six months after his inauguration, the Democratic president reviews his promised change of policy towards Cuba and keeps in force 243 measures adopted by his predecessor Donald Trump, which meant a turn of the screw that worsened in times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Last June 23, 184 countries of the 192 UN members voted in the General Assembly for the end of the blockade. Only the United States and Israel voted against it, and Brazil, Colombia, and Ukraine abstained.


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