Liz Truss: Another British Iron Lady?

Liz Truss: Another British Iron Lady?
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10 September 2022
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I confess that I was wrong when several days ago, anticipating events, I described Liz Truss as Prime Minister, who at that time was the Secretary for Foreign Affairs and a candidate to replace Boris Johnson, the protagonist of various scandals, both in office and at the head of the Conservative Party of Great Britain.

And it’s that, back then, Truss, 47, had already displayed her leadership "gifts" by threatening Russia with making it disappear in a nuclear attack, punishing her for what she called a criminal invasion of Ukraine.

That was perhaps enough to win the "little hearts" of her party, which elected her as her boss, as well as premier, after which the former chancellor repeated again - with loud applause - the anti-Russian bravado:

"My hand will not shake to press the nuclear button against Russia, launching nuclear missiles from my four Trident submarines, even if it means global annihilation."

Alfredo Jalife comments in La Jornada, from Mexico, that “LT's nuclear jeremiads for Ukraine seem to recall the Pyrrhic carnage of Gallipoli, or the Battle of the Dardanelles (Turkey); in 1915, of Great Britain against the Ottoman Empire and, in nuclear matters, to the book by the famous Seymour Hersh, The Samson Option: Israel, the United States and the Bomb: I will fall, but I’ll drag others with me”.

Truss has been prominent in her attacks on Amnesty International, a pro-Western human rights watchdog, when she rarely told the truth about what was happening to the population of Ukraine: it was not the Russians, but Ukrainian soldiers themselves who were to blame for the deaths of civilians, using them as human shields in residential buildings, schools, and hospitals.

Amnesty International was forced to apologize for having told the truth, in addition to the fact that the makers of the report and its president were fired.

For analysts and connoisseurs of the situation of British governance in recent decades, a few hours, minutes were enough to consider the current prime minister the worst of the worst, above Margaret Thatcher (the Iron Lady), as well as the mourner Tony Blair, hyperserver of U.S. war adventures, and Boris Johnson.


Even the neoliberal newspaper The Guardian, very close to the mega-speculator George Soros, was shocked that three members of the Conservative Party had cheered the Apocalypse of the new premier's nuclear promise, and contrasted it with the criteria of his New Zealand colleague from the Labor Party, Jacinda Ardern, 42, who argues that the world is on a nuclear precipice and must avert catastrophe.

Since February, the then chancellor's violent statements had forced Russia to operate the nuclear alert, while the Kremlin's spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, commented that they were absolutely unacceptable.

The American Trotskyist portal WSWS recounted the nuclear bellicosity of Great Britain, beyond the shrillness of Liz Truss, a former Shell employee and with extramarital alcohol scandals, who declared: “If we do not stop Putin in Ukraine, we will see others under threat: the Baltic, Poland, Moldova, and could end up in a conflict with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)”.

“In reality, says WSWS, NATO does not exist and only constitutes the nuclear triad of the United States, Great Britain, and France, and recalls that the leader of the Labor Party Jeremy Corvina, having opposed the use of the Trident nuclear weapons system, it was demolished by Conservatives, Blair supporters and the military,” who maneuvered to ouster it and put Keir Starmer in its place, 14 days into Russia's special military operation in Ukraine.

In June, Ingo Gerhartz, head of the German air force, Luftwaffe, challenged Putin: "Don't mess with us!"

Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, former commander of Britain's Joint Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Regiment, insisted to The Telegraph: "Britain must be prepared for nuclear war."

In other words, Liz Truss is not something new, although now I imagine that in her feverish mind she is thinking of taking shelter in an anti-nuclear bunker, in the style of what she used against other weapons, Adolf Hitler, the Fürher, who in the end he decided to disappear from the real world so as not to fall into the hands of the Soviet victors.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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